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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Haryana GK (General Knowledge) Question Paper-2 in English

Haryana GK in English

Haryana General Knowledge (GK) Objective Type Questions & Answer Paper No. -1 with collecting of 50 Questions with Answer for HSSC upcoming Written Exams, Upcoming Haryana Govt. Jobs, etc.
Haryana GK Objective Type Questions & Answer :

Q.1 - Who is the second Chief Minister of Haryana?
Ans - Rao Birender Singh.

Q.2 - ‘Agriculture University’ is situated in which city?
Ans – Hisar.

Q.3 – Haryana Govt. published the “Haryana Anand Marriages Registration Rule 2014” for………….
Ans – Allowing Sikhs to register their merriages under this rule.

Q.4 – Who won the Gold Medal in 2010 Asian Games Boxing Championship lightweight category?
Ans – Vikas Krishan Yadav.

Q.5 – “Thakur Dawar” is situated in which village of Haryana State?
Ans – Kuttani Village.

Q.6 – Which historical place situated in Sirsa District?
Ans – Banawali.

Q.7 – Where is Bhima Devi Temple Complex situated?
Ans – Pinjore.

Q.8 – Chhilchhila Wild Life Sactuary is located in which district?
Ans – Kurukshetra.

Q.9 – Who is the Health Minister of Haryana?
Ans – Anil Vij.

Q.10 – Sarasvati wild Life Sactuary is also known as?
Ans – Seonsar Forest.

Q.11 – Where is Blue Bird Lake is located?
Ans – Hisar.

Q.12 Which city was named after “Guru Dronacharya”?
Ans – Gurgaon.

Q.13 – Maharishi Dayanand University is situated in which city?
Ans – Rohtak.

Q.14 – The Vice Chancellor of Guru Jambeshwar University of Science & Technology?
Ans – Prof. Tankeshwar Kumar.

Q.15 – Hemchandra Vikramaditya (Hemu) belonged to which city?
Ans – Rewari.

Q.16 – Who is the most popular Ragini Singer?
Ans – Pandit Lakhmi Chand.

Q.17 – Where is “Maruti-Suzuki” establish its first plant on India?
Ans – Gurgaon.

Q.18 – Which temple city of Haryana is known as “Chhoti Kashi”?
Ans – Bhiwani.

Q.19 – Headquarters of Western Command is located at?
Ans – Chandi Mandir.

Q.20 – Who is the Forest Minister of Haryana?
Ans – Rao Narvir Singh.

Q.21 – Who is the Chairman of “Haryana Sarasvati Heritage Development Board”?
Ans – Chief Minister of Haryana.

Q.22 The international crafts mela of Surajkund is organised at which district?
Ans – Faridabad.

Q.23 – Which city of Haryana is named after “Karan” of Mahabharat?
Ans – Karnal.

Q.24 – Second largest  grain market of the Asian Continent is located at?
Ans – Ladwa (Kurukshetra).

Q.25 – What was the capital of the territory ruled by king “Harshvardhan”?
Ans – Thaneshwar.

Q.26 – Who built the Rock Garden of Chandigarh?
Ans – Nek Chand.

Q.27 – Pt. Ram Krishan Vyas is a celebrity in the field of?
Ans – Haryanvi Swaang.

Q.28 – Pt. Lakhmi Chand is known as?
Ans – Surya Kavi.

Q.29 – Asigarh Fort of Hansi was built in?
Ans – 12th Century.

Q.30 – Which king is reffered to as Devanam Piyadassi (Beloved of the Gods) in the inscriptions?
Ans – Ashoka.

Q.31 – Badkhal Lake was built in?
Ans – 1947.

Q.32 – The Festival “Janti” is also known as?
Ans – Janmashtami.

Q.33 – National Dairy Research Institute is situated at?
Ans – Karnal.

Q.34 – Chaudhary Devi Lal University is in which District?
Ans – Sirsa.

Q.35 – On which river are the dams named Gandhi Sagar & Jawahar Sagar situated?
Ans – Chambal.

Q.36 – Who had designed Chandigarh?
Ans – Le Corbusier.

Q.37 – Where was the sanitary industry located in Haryana?
Ans – Bahadurgarh.

Q.38 – BILT Football stadium  is situated at?
Ans – Yamuna Nagar.

Q.39 – Whom did Akbar defeat in the 1556, Panipat Battle?
Ans – Hemu.

Q.40 – “Chaudhary Charan Singh Agriculture University” was built in?
Ans – 1970.

Q.41 – Before 1966, Haryana is part of a state?
Ans – Punjab.

Q.42 -  The famous player “Geeta Phogat” of Haryana is a player………?
Ans -  Kushti.

Q.43 – Who is Known as Haryana Kesari?
Ans – Pt. Nek Ram Sharma.

Q.44 – Which is the first movie in Haryanvi Language?
Ans – Chandrawal.

Q.45 – Navratna Book is written by………?
Ans -  Pt.  Shri Ram Sharma.

Q.46 – High Court of Haryana is located at?
Ans – Chandigarh.

Q.47 – Who had set the Feudal League in Haryana?
Ans – Sir Chhoturam.

Q.48 – Which District of Haryana is no. 1 Producer of Turmeric?
Ans – Ambala.

Q.49 – What is the total length of state highways in Haryana ?
Ans – 2559 km.

Q.50 – Who had got Surajkund built ?
Ans – Anangpal  Second.

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